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AASL Standards for the 21st Century Learner
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CDE Content Standards Resources

Online Searchable Standards
Compilation of each Colorado Standard content area 21st Century Skills Definition
Exploring 21st Century Skills PowerPoint from CDE - ready to use activities for professional development with your staff
CDE Discipline Content Maps by Subject and Grade - Great source of inspiration for "understandings"
Understanding Discipline Content Maps

UBD Resources

Tutorial: Review of UBD and What's New in Version 2.0 (8:12)
Tutorial: UBD Stage 1: Identifying Desired Outcomes (6:01)
Tutorial: UBD Stage 2: The Evidence (5:29)
Tutorial: GRASPS & Quadrant D Learning (9:26)
Tutorial: UBD Stage 3: The Learning Plan (4:03)

UbD Template Version 2.0 (brief form)
Assessment Planning Framework

GRASPS - A strategy for designing "Quadrant D" real-world performance assessments

Transfer Demand Rubric - Evaluating the transfer element in your performance task

Assessment Resources

PBL Checklists
Academy District 20's 21st Century Skills Site
Intel's Assessing Projects Database
Inquiry Quest -- 21st Century Skills Assessment in Action -- Adams12 School District

Examples in Presentation

Video: Self-Direction Formative Assessment by Teacher-Librarian Gina Schaarschmidt and Technology Teacher, Amalia De Ramon, Edith Wolford Elementary

"Helping Students Understand Assessment" by Jan Chappuis, Educational Leadership, November 2005.

Sample Units

**Academy District 20 Innovation Station**

  • "Get Real Public Service Announcement" - by Cris Hardin, Teacher Librarian at Mountain Ridge Middle School and Jennifer Newman, 8th Grade Science
  • "Revolutionary Replica" by Dawn Klock, 5th Grade Teacher, Chinook Trail Elementary


Anamalia WebQuest

"Settlement on Mars" - Middle School Social Studies/Language Arts

"Castle Builders" - High School Math