D-Quadrant Backward Planning

Lesson Title
Native American: Forced Removal from the Reservation: Trail of Tears

What is it you Want Students to Know and Be Able to Do? – Content Standards

  1. Analyze historical sources from multiple points of view to develop an understanding of historical context.
  • Students Can:

    • Explain the past through oral and written firsthand accounts of history
    • Explain the information conveyed by historical timelines
    • Give examples of people and events and developments that brought important changes to the community
    • Describe the history, interaction, and contribution of the various peoples and cultures that have lived in or migrated to neighborhoods and communities.
    • Identify examples of power and authority and strategies that could be used to address an imbalance, including bullying as power without authority

21st Century Skills (ISTE NETS) What will you assess, specifically?

Invention, Technology Literacy, Information Literacy, Self-Direction

Transfer: Students will be able to independently use their knowledge, understandings, and skills acquired to Understand the effects of the Trail of Tears Event

Essential Question Big, broad open question not subject specific
How can an event or conflict influence the history of people.

Enduring Understanding: What do you hope students to remember 10 years from now?
Students will remember how events affect live of people both at the current time and for the future.

Unit Questions: Open questions – subject specific
How did the removal of Native Americans from their land influence the lives of modern day people?
Could this happen today? Why or Why not.

Content/Guiding Questions: Closed questions – fact finding
Why were the Cherokee Indians forcibly removed from their homes?

How will you know they know it? Formative & Summative Assessment Strategies of content and skills

Formative Assessments:

Students' notes will be graded as they go to ensure proper note-taking (as opposed to cut and paste) methods. Notes will be in key words only.
It is very difficult to create a once-size-fits-all note taking form for this unit because students can go in many different directions. The best notes would include answers to the following questions:

Summative Assessments:

Performance Assessment Task – G.R.A.S.P.S.__

Goal: The “hook”Your task is…anengaging introduction that kids can connect with – the “real world” situation

The Role - Who does this kind of work or problem solving in the “real world?”

The Audience – Who will you present your product to (other than the teacher)?

The Situation – More details on the goal

The productWhat would you turn in to your boss?

Standards & Criteria for Success – Rubric criteria – what is expected? Should align with learning goals