In order to collaborate with the 5th grade teachers on their exploration unit, the students will research a particular European Explorer and record their information on a worksheet. They will then plot the route the explorer took using online maps and resources to understand the geography. (I will use Brain Pop and some other short lessons to build and review basic geography knowledge). Then the students will work with a partner to plot the route of their explorer with pins on Google Earth, and share this information with the class using a screen cast they create using "jing."

D-Quadrant Backward Planning

Lesson Title
Explorer Routes

What is it you Want Students to Know and Be Able to Do? – Content Standards

Students use and identify a variety of media and formats to create and edit products that communicate synthesis of information and ideas from the curriculum to multiple audiences. (NETS 4b)

21st Century Skills (ISTE NETS) What will you assess, specifically?

I will assess the accuracy of the information recorded on the explorer worksheet and map...Research skills (paper and pencil)
I will assess the use of Google Earth to place pins in the correct locations along the journey (Technology skills)
I will assess the screen cast presentation made using "jing" (presentation skills)
I will assess the collaboration skills demonstrated as they work with a partner on this activity
Transfer: Students will be able to independently use their knowledge, understandings, and skills acquired to _
Access maps, and other online tools to understand geography
Use Google Earth comfortably to explore our changing world and their place in the world
Have an understanding of maps and our understanding of the world has changed over the course of history

Essential Question Big, broad open question not subject specific
How has our knowledge of the world evolved over time?

Enduring Understanding: What do you hope students to remember 10 years from now?

I would like them to understand how the world has changed over time, and to have some knowledge of the people who contributed to these changes.
I would like them to be comfortable using Google Earth and online presentation tools that they can use to share their ideas

Unit Questions: Open questions – subject specific

What are some reasons that people chose to become explorers? ie: fame, fortune, religion, adventure etc.
Are there explorers in the present day? If so, what do they explore?
How might our understanding of the world be changed in 100 years?

Content/Guiding Questions: Closed questions – fact finding

Where did your explorer begin their journey?
Where did they stop along the way?
What was their discovery or contribution to the world?

How will you know they know it? Formative & Summative Assessment Strategies of content and skills

Formative Assessments:

Student self assessment
Informal observation
Sharing thoughts with a partner

Summative Assessments:
Collection of the worksheet and the map
Screen cast presentation showing the pins on Google Earth

Performance Assessment Task – G.R.A.S.P.S.__

Goal: The “hook”Your task is…engaging introduction that kids can connect with – the “real world” situation

I will show a sample screen cast using Christopher Columbus as my explorer.
I will show a Brain Pop video about the 7 continents, and the surrounding oceans

The Role - Who does this kind of work or problem solving in the “real world?”
Airline pilots, travelers, bus drivers, taxi drivers...Many professional people need to have a good understanding of direction, maps, and a basic understanding of geography and how it came to be.

The Audience – Who will you present your product to (other than the teacher)?

Classmates...The students will learn about their explorer in detail, but they will learn about many other explorers and the routes they took on their expeditions as they watch each other present their screen casts. (Parents will also have the opportunity to see what the students are learning)
The Situation – More details on the goal

I want to support the teachers in their content area, and to add some technology and presentation skills to this

The productWhat would you turn in to your boss?

I would show them the Exploration Live binder on the library web page that has the directions, a completed sample, and the rubric that the students will be using to evaluate themselves as they go

Standards & Criteria for Success – Rubric criteria – what is expected? Should align with learning goals
See rubric on exploration livebinder